Vintage Brown



World's First Genuine Italian Leather Kendo Protective Equipment Bag

We have teamed up with David Scaparra, a traditional handmade leather goods workshop in Florence, Italy, to create the highest quality handmade protective gear bags and shinai bags made entirely of leather.

The leather is made of Tuscan leather, a leather known for its high quality, and is carefully crafted one by one by skilled leather craftsmen (maestros) in Florence.

剣道界初”MADE IN ITALY”の総革製、最高級剣道防具袋と竹刀袋 ダヴィド・スカパッラ剣道シリーズ
剣道世界大会 イタリアチーム

Kendo has become more internationalized in recent years, and the world's kendo population is about 2.6 million. 56 teams from all over the world participated in the 2018 World Kendo Kendo Championship. Italy is also one of the most popular countries in Europe.

In this way, while kendo has spread all over the world, the number of specialized craftsmen in kendo supplies has decreased in Japan, so most of the products are manufactured in China, Taiwan, South Korea, etc., and the more you use them, the more they taste. Most of the high-quality armor bags and bamboo sword bags that come out have disappeared.


As the samurai stuck to the sword, the commitment to tools is peculiar to kendo as a martial art, but now it is sturdy and stately suitable for putting in the armor and bamboo swords that leaders, high-ranking people or kendo enthusiasts have used for many years. Even if I want a certain armor bag or bamboo sword bag, I can't find it easily


This time, we have tied up with David Scapara, a traditional handmade leather product studio in Florence, Italy, to complete the finest handmade armor bag and bamboo sword bag made of all leather, and as the first in the David Scapara Kendo series, not only in Japan but also in the world. Now available for sale to Kendo enthusiasts

It is a gem carefully manufactured one by one by the hands of a skilled leather craftsman Maestro in Florence using Italian Tuscan leather known for high quality. As the name sword has, each item is engraved with the DAVID logo and serial number. The first time is a limited production of 100 armor bags and 200 bamboo sword bags.

  • ●Material Cowhide Tuscan calf leather
  • ●4 colors Vintage Brown Brown Black Textured Black
    ※Vintage brown is a traditional Italian dyeing method that gives a vintage texture by applying a special washing process.
  • ●Armor bag Boston type standard size
  • ●Bamboo sword bag size L 4 pieces M 3 pieces S 2 pieces
  • ●Country of manufacture Florence, Italy)
  • ●Remarks Because it is a handmade product using genuine leather, the color and texture are slightly different. Please use it as a unique item in the world.
    Please note that it may take 23 months from the time you place an order to the time it is delivered if it is out of stock because it is handmade one by one in an Italian workshop.